How's Life, Life?

By Elie - 5:48 AM

Days since my last post: A month and counting.

Truth be told, I'm just that little lazy to count cause it's been more than a month since I dropped by. Life as I've known it is definitely different now - with job changes, trips, and big life changes ahead! I'm trying to see if I could document some of my Tokyo trip details too, but I'd been enjoying myself so much that sometimes I would even forget to take pictures. So we'll see if that comes alive, but otherwise here's what's been up with life...


Oh bother, oh Pooh!

To kickstart April, I was flown into Singapore to get onboarded to the new job I've been at. If the picture above doesn't quite tell you already who I'm kind of working for - then I'm sorry the hints end there. I'd have to say it's been quite an adventure for the job since, but the travel was crazy and I learned that catching a morning flight for work on the same day is ridiculous. I was sleepy all day, and cranky as anything.

Another birthday, another celebration!

Hello furry buddy of Woof Station!

Come the end of April, we went along with the tradition of traveling someplace for my other half's birthday and this year he picked out Malacca once again. We spent 3 long days around town, having our meals at The Daily Fix everyday. It was literally the "daily fix" because my other half really enjoyed the vibes, the drinks, and the everything else that made him happy. 


Tokyo vibes.

May undeniably became the month I looked forward to the most for this year so far, because we had tickets to go to Tokyo around mid-month! These were bought in August 2018 so the wait has truly been a torture. We spent 9 quality days together while we were there - experiencing things like the aftershocks of an earthquake, visiting Disneyland and Disneysea on two different occasions, and eating a whole lot of food! 

MAYbe I'll have a proper recap on our Japan trip someday.

Returning to Malaysia after this trip meant a whole lot of shift was also going to happen in the blink of an eye, so I really didn't look forward to that very much. But as we all know, the good times will always come to an end which would bring me to... 


A month of new beginnings.

June will mark the month that my other half and I will venture into a long distance relationship, given that he's been offered a fantastic opportunity to build a career abroad. He's yet to leave and we're salvaging whatever time we can have together so far, but whatever lies ahead will definitely be an adventure we've never expected.

Well hey, maybe that's blog material too? 

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