Life Things: Making The Move

By Elie - 9:08 AM

Days since my last post: 28

Hello blog, it's me! Your owner who may have accidentally abandoned you from all the magic I've otherwise been trying to upkeep at work. But here I am again to simply say - the big move is official!

And with the big move comes big jackets from Jalan-Jalan Japan.

About 2 months back, I said bye to my other half as he left to greater career prospects. I obviously couldn't just up and leave at that point because we weren't too sure if it was going to be a good choice all in all. And so I stayed behind - spending more time with my family, friends, and his pets until we thought it was "the moment". But after many conversations as well as back and forth thoughts, we figured to stop waiting for "the moment" and simply made it up. 

There's lots of fun times ahead of us, but I'd first have to hunt down a job when I arrive this mysterious place. Wish me luck - I'd need lots and lots of it in the days to come!

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