The Big Move

By Elie - 2:00 PM

Days since my last post: 28 

So after lots of talking, lots of packing, and a slew of goodbyes...

The big move happened. 

It's actually my first official day here, having landed yesterday and running around to get the essentials ready. From getting my shampoos to my skincare and unpacking my ridiculously overweight luggage - I can now say I've made it.

I also got back to the arms of my other half. 

When 2019 first started, I don't think either of us expected to make such a huge decision in our life. We've discussed about moving aboard, that's for sure but we didn't put Europe into our list at all. Perhaps Singapore or maybe Hong Kong because they were close enough to our family and friends, but it looks like fate had other ideas for us. And now here we are. We made it. We made it to surviving the long distance relationship, we made it to a little studio we now both rent and will call home, and we're making it to living together for good this time. It's not just another holiday, this is going to be us now. 

The ones I left behind. 

So am I excited? Definitely. Am I happy? Absolutely. But am I sad to have left my old ones behind while I venture into the unknown? Obviously. I think having been the most sheltered and protected at home after 27 years, the feeling of saying goodbye to my parents became the toughest to bear throughout the move. Of course, it hurt leaving my friends behind but there were the people who were there through thick and thin. Through the times I cried, through the times I was happy, and still stuck around through the times I made them angry. These were my old ones and if anything - I'd love for them to someday come over to the other side of the world to be with me. Just because. 

But onward to new adventures. Onward to greener pastures. Onward to the things that fate has in store for me. And the Asian in Amsterdam.

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