Life in Lockdown

By Elie - 1:00 PM

"I had plans for the year 2020, but clearly 2020 had its own plans." 

This is it, blogspace! We've officially hit the half of 2020 although it did feel like the months April and May didn't exist. It just came and went without a sound - literally because it was so quiet outside thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. But here I am, trying to piece together what I've been up to in the past months, especially since I've had to quit my job for my own safety. This is something I'd love to look back on as I grow older and remember that this too, shall pass.


Dalgona coffee, the official lockdown coffee

April marked the first official month of lockdown life, and most of my friends experienced breakdowns because they found it hard to detach themselves from work. It became the month where most people graduated from being instant noodle novices to MasterChef wannabes, and pictures of Dalgona coffee (or whipped coffee) took social media by a storm. If you must know, the trick was a 1:1:1 ratio in instant coffee to sugar and water, paired with a whole lot of patience.

A bucket fit for a birthday 
And as every April goes, the end of the month also marked my other half's birthday so we did what he has always wanted ever since we were in Malaysia. We ordered a bucket of KFC, ate in our pajamas, and watched YouTube all day. I think we were in a phase of watching Strictly Dumpling at this point, so we'd crave for some kind of food every other day.  
I also made burnt cheesecake

As I've mentioned, everyone became MasterChef wannabes - myself included. In April, I learned to make the burnt cheesecake that miraculously became one of the most popular desserts through the lockdown period. It included a lot of cream cheese, some milk, and a 1-hour step-by-step tutorial via video call with my brother who's a professional chef. Thank God for WhatsApp video calls.


Ahhhh May...what do I even say about May? I guess May became the quickest month for me simply because I invested in the most popular game on the Nintendo Switch for a while. Yep, you've guessed it, I got my hands on a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

This cost me a day's worth of my wages from my Starbucks days

I think the most of my month was spent on beautifying my island before I realized that I didn't have half the artistic mind that all my friends have, so I've resigned to accepting my 3 star island forever. In the words of my other half, my island just looks like a blob of green. I'll take it. This was paired with bits and pieces of Upwork assignments that I'm very thankful to have because with every article I write, I'm reminded that I could still afford groceries. So has it really just been work and play through the month of May? I guess so.

I do think however that the lockdown brought out the best in my other half and I, simply because we had no choice but to be stuck together 24/7. We've learned even more about each other in these 2 months, having to work and make what little of our space work for us. We've officially set up a home office for him now, while I still work off the couch on my makeshift laptop table. It's the lifestyle everyone has been hoping for - to work from home, but I don't think anyone's really wanting it anymore. So when exactly will we all get back out there into the real world and into a new normal? We may never know, but hopefully when things get will it be for my job hunt situation. But until then, I'm just going to pop back into my blob of green.

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