Life in Lockdown: Part 2

By Elie - 11:36 AM

Hey blog space! I can't believe it...did I really leave you for 2 whole months to collect dust by the corner of the world wide web? The answer is sadly yes - I best believe I did just that. The fact is, Covid-19 isn't slowing down one bit so we're back to being locked inside our homes for the greater good. While this isn't something that the government of Netherlands has imposed on us, my other half and I thought it may be best to stay away from the outdoors anyway. So what have I been up to since June-ish to July?  

Well here's an update to Life in Lockdown: Part 2. 


I remember the bright sun in June!

It feels like June is so far off now that I can hardly remember what I did aside to playing Animal Crossing. I'm assuming that it was also in June that I finally achieved 5-stars on my Animal Crossing island, so that has to count for creativity points! For what it's worth, my Instastories didn't reveal much of what I did either aside to Netflix uploading Full House and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai so that must have been my June in its entirety.


Hey you, Zandvoort! 
Of course, the highlight to my July had to be that we visited the Zandvoort aan Zee beach! I did a whole post on that so if you haven't read it, here's the link to our beach day out: CLICK! Beyond the beach, we mostly stayed home and sweated it out because the heat wave officially hit Netherlands. I know we weren't supposed to really feel this bad about it cause we should be used to being that hot in Malaysia, but we didn't have air-conditioning here! I think July was also the month we decided to bring an extra fan home (Or was that in June) so my other half and I each had a fan blowing in our faces for the most of July. I recall temperatures hitting 31 to 33 degrees, so those were definitely fun times. 


I got me a new bicycle!

August actually became the month I finally decided to get my own bicycle because I felt like I wasn't going anywhere with my other half's bike. One of the biggest challenges was the fact that I was very new on bicycles and I'm too short for most of the bicycles in town. In the end, I found a good deal off this website called BikeFair (Not sponsored!) and picked out a foldable bicycle some 10 minutes away from home. While I'm not a 100% confident when crossing traffic junctions these days, I've actually cycled into town twice so far. Most of my trips on the bicycle has otherwise been to take me to the train station or to KFC as you can see in the picture above.

On work, August also became the month when I picked up a new client off Upwork so I could do more than just buy groceries with what I'd earned. I could also afford ice-creams and other snacks if I wanted to. Of course I could have done all that earlier but I've always been the type that would like to save for rainy days so I tried my best not to spend everything in one place. Or at least I tried not to.


Hello Haarlem 

As you can see with the emergence of my jacket, September brought some cold winds to blow away the months of heat we've had. We also decided to visit a city called Haarlem some 15 minutes away from home and absolutely fell in love. Unlike Amsterdam, Haarlem felt a little more Dutch in its entirety and had less rowdy tourists along the streets. We're planning to go back and walk a little more someday but until then, I'll just keep thinking about that ginger ice-cream I had at Garrone Gelateria.

September was also much busier for me what with Upwork and not, but honestly it's keeping me on my feet and be less lazy. I'd have to say I'm enjoying how busy it could get but sometimes...just sometimes I'd like to stay in bed.


October hasn't come yet, and we're still about a week away from it but I'm psyched for every reason possible. For starters, I'm going to be turning old(er) and we've made all-day plans to remember this birthday by. I also managed to score some mooncakes from the Asian supermarket, so I'm definitely looking forward to having one of the coolest birthday cakes in town. Or something like that.

But until October comes, hopefully I won't be abandoning this space for another two months!

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