Staycay Series: Ibis Den Haag City Centre

By Elie - 6:00 AM

An entry to my staycay series label? Here in the Netherlands? Sacre bleu - but it is true! 

It's almost like a vacation except it wasn't!

While I thought I had long left my staycation days in Asia, my other half surprised me by agreeing to stay the night at Den Haag on the day we visited the Malaysian Embassy. We booked the stay a week before our intended visit and picked out the Ibis Den Haag City Centre Hotel to put up the night. There were several reasons that drove us to Ibis with the location and price point being the biggest factors. Unfortunately, I can't be sure if the prices are always this low or if it was due to the pandemic, but the location was definitely a winner.

Ah fresh sheets!

The room we booked out was a Standard Double Room that came equipped with a queen-sized bed. The bed - to say the very least was absolutely amazing. If I ever had to complain, it was that the pillow was a tad bit too soft. The room came equipped with an extra pillow which my other half promptly claimed for himself but that was otherwise just it. 

Fake plants, fake lamp, fake decors...

A small, flat-screen TV that was mounted to the wall faces the bed along with what I believe is a wallpaper. I enjoyed how minimalistic the decors were in the room, as it really wasn't too big a space but it still felt cozy enough to stay. It also meant there was less clutter to go around, which I appreciated in the tiny room.

Spot the hidden safe

Instead of closed cupboards, Ibis Den Haag City Centre opted for an open concept wardrobe. It was daintily placed at the corner of the room as you walk in and you'll find a small safe hidden within. Several removable hangers were available for use and our thick jackets were very thankful for that. This is also where you'll find the extra pillow (which I had mentioned earlier) in your room.

Brightly lit basin and toilet

A large shower area

The room came with an attached bathroom that was very brightly lit and I cannot be more thankful for that. Dim washrooms are the bane of my existence, and I also liked that they opted for glass doors for the shower area instead of a shower curtain. The hotel provides the basics like towels and a 3-in-1 shower, shampoo, and face wash soap but lacks amenities like dental kits. That said, toothbrushes are available for purchase at the lobby or you could always visit the supermarkets nearby for a set. 

My only qualm was that the shower head was set really, REALLY high up - which I would understand because Dutch locals can be quite tall. Unfortunately, I wish the housekeeping team at Ibis would bear in mind that not all guests would be as tall because I had a tough time trying to bring the shower head down just to get a shower. I do, however give props to the strong water pressure that helped alleviate all the tiredness of walking around Den Haag.

Hi, it's me!

With that said, our stay at the Ibis Den Haag City Centre Hotel was a pleasant one overall. Given that we were traveling during such crucial times, it's worth noting that hygiene was really important at the hotel. We were reminded time and time again to keep our masks on around public areas like the lobby and the hallway and hand sanitizers were provided around lifts and entrance points. 

I really was...promised a sunny day at Den Haag only to be lied to by the weather

Location wise, the hotel truly lives up to its name as it really is in the City Centre. It's set behind the high traffic area of Grote Markt but is quiet enough so you can rest easy at night. The Grote Markt metro station is only about 3 minutes away and you're surrounded by eateries and even an Asian supermarket just around the corner. Do note though that there are several Ibis Hotels around the area including the Ibis Styles Den Haag City Centre, so it's easier to get them both mixed up.

We were mildly sad to have to leave during our check-out, but really that's how we feel during most staycations. My other half and I both agreed that the hotel was a good pick and we may consider staying again if we decided to put up the night at Den Haag again. Or maybe we'll try another hotel - I mean, who knows now that I've decided to breathe life into my Staycay Series again? ;)

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