The Year Ahead: 2022 Resolution Edition

By Elie - 12:00 PM

Another year, another resolution list! Here's to a better 2022, where we can all be happy and stay healthy - because that's all that matters in the crazy world we live in today. 

Onward to a brighter 2022 perhaps?

Looking back, I think I've had a relatively okay 2021 despite it's fallbacks. I also hit 3 and a half of my 5 resolutions of the last year, which was pretty great and it got me excited to figure out what I wanted to achieve this year. As I was about to make my 2022 resolution however, I came across a comic on Instagram (that I've unfortunately already lost the link to) that spoke about how resolutions are often made and abandoned - because we focused more on the result than the process. 

But did that mean I shouldn't be making a resolution list? Not quite, although it did make me rethink how I wanted to shape my goals for the year. And without further ado, here's to my 2022: 


As mentioned, I really wanted to keep this resolution on my list and I do hope to do it year after year regardless of how silly it sounds. I know the fad in blogging has long died since its heydays, but I rather see Cantuslupus as a diary for my adventures with the people I love. So will I be able to come by for a post every month in 2022 like I did the last year? Only one way to find out and that's to stick around till December. 


This is a weird one, but hear me out. LEGO and Bandai model kit videos are my absolute favourite to make. I have a thing against having to hear my own voice in videos, which is why I really enjoyed making this video of the Gundam I built in 2020 where I didn't have to say a single thing. I've also been dabbling in some stop motion videos for my IKEA Blahaj, Winnie the Shark and have attempted to make ASMR LEGO builds on TikTok. At this moment, I have a number of model kits and LEGO sets that await so I sure hope to enjoy the process in this resolution and the builds!


Although the initial title to this resolution was "to go home", I realized that sometimes home is where you make for it to be. As it is though, I do plan to go back to Malaysia for a while this year regardless if I have to do a quarantine or not to see my friends and family. Thus, the better resolution would be to go on more adventures, however tiny they may be. I'd first have to replace the luggage bag that broke after my Paris trip, but it'll be a great adventurous year nevertheless.


2022 marks my 3rd year of being here in the Netherlands with rather poor Dutch. While I've always had a love for languages, I found Dutch to be a language that's difficult to grasp given how the sentence structures are different from that of English. Heck, I even found it harder to learn than Japanese. So if there's a resolution that I'd love to do this year, it's to be able to hold a mini conversation in the language of the country we now live in. Or at least order coffee without going, "Eh?" would be fine for me I guess.


Here's a resolution that I know I'll hit because 2022 is the year I'm officially turning 30. I know people say life begins at 30, but there's also so much of society's expectations of what you should or need to achieve when you're at this age. This is why it matters to me that I'm going to turn HAPPILY 30, knowing that it's okay even if I didn't or can't achieve whatever the society assumes I should. But until October comes, I'm going to stay 29+ and call it a day. 

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