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Surprise! I really thought I wouldn't have anything to talk about in the month of March, given that most of my days were filled with work and the not-so-new Pokemon Arceus game that has kept me really busy. But you know, life has its ways of hitting you in lots of unexpected ways, just like we got take a trip to...

Den Haag

Set just an hour out of Amsterdam on the Sprinter, Den Haag is the largest city of the Netherlands. Some of its best known places include Binnenhof that houses the office of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands and the Mauritshuis museum where you'll find the popular "Girl with a Pearl Earring" painting by Johannes Vermeer.

Today's entry however, has nothing to do with the sights and scenes of Den Haag - not because the city is boring, but just because we didn't do a lot. Instead, I just wanted to take a moment to talk about the Hotel NH Den Haag since that's where our staycation took us to over the weekend.

A double bed that looked comfy but felt otherwise

For starters, we've always thought that hotels by the NH group was slightly fancier than our usual picks like the numerous Hotel ibis' that we've stayed in before. As we entered our room that was located on the 9th floor, we were greeted by a double bed rather than a large queen sized mattress like we always have. If we were being honest though, we quite appreciated this as it meant we each had a blanket for the night instead of having to share. 

Bedside electrical outlets on both sides and light switch controls

Unfortunately, the double pillows and mattress were only good to the eyes but didn't feel right for the night's stay. The pillows - even when doubled - were flat and could hardly hold up our necks and the mattress dipped whenever we tried to move about. Given that stays at Hotel NH don't come at a cheap price tag, we were surprised that this was the quality it would have come with. Needless to say, neither my other half nor I slept well that night, and we couldn't rush home soon enough for a long nap the next day. 

A large TV if you're into that

Like most hotel room setups, a large TV could be seen hanging right opposite the bed and below it a desk and table in case of business trips. We obviously just used it as a storage space for our bags as you can see, but this could mean that Hotel NH was ready in case you needed to work out of your hotel room. A small single-seater couch can be seen at the corner of the room, and though comfortable, I can't imagine what you might need it for since it wasn't the best spot even if you wanted to have your meal via room service. 

For you to wash away your day

Our room came with a rather nice bathtub that I obviously took advantage of that very night, and may well have been one of the highlights of the stay. The water pressure from the shower was just right and I appreciated that it didn't have a fickle temperature unlike some hotels. Their shower amenities included bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, hand soap, and 2 towels per room. I guess you could call it the bare necessity for a simple stay but you'd still have to bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.

Fridge and safe amenities - free to use

Interestingly, I did appreciate having a small fridge in our room although it wasn't the coldest thing on Earth. It kept our juice long enough to not spoil, but was obviously not the coldest if you'd want to say - cool down some beers for the evening. They had a safe that was free to use like most hotels, obviously but we didn't find the need for it anyway.

Hey there, it's me 

If I had to rate our break at Hotel NH Den Haag by the end of the day, I'd say it's a fair 6/10. The location is a great plus point since it's just 3 minutes away from the tram stop serviced by trams 3 and 4, and is just one stop away from the Den Haag Centraal station. Our booking also came with a complimentary buffet breakfast that served one of the best scrambled eggs though, so one of the points definitely came from that.

For tourists looking through this blog post, I do think you could find better stays in the heart of the city rather than Hotel NH Den Haag as I found it better catered to business travellers. But really, it's no surprises there since the WTC Den Haag is literally attached to the hotel. Considering we booked our mini escape with the NS Spoordeelwinkel website, we probably got it at a steal since it included return tickets to and from Amsterdam plus the hotel stay for €120.

So would I stay at Hotel NH Den Haag again? I think it's quite easy to say no unless someone buys me a stay, since it wasn't particularly memorable to begin with. The best parts of it was probably the scrambled eggs at breakfast and the bathtub that allowed me to soak away all my stresses, but otherwise it's definitely not a must-come-or-regret situation. Maybe next time I'll stick to an ibis Hotel in town.

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