Eating Your Way Across South Australia

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If there’s one thing I like more than travelling, it’s the amount of eating I can do while I’m at it. To me, enjoying the local fare is just one of the many ways you can experience a country and their culture, and I’m sure this resonates with quite a number of you too.

Because who would say no to food when you’re on vacation and calories don’t count?

This is why today's blog post is going to take you on an Epicurean Way road trip and show you how you can make the most of your time in South Australia.

How to get to South Australia?

But first things first, let’s talk about the most important point: Getting yourself to South Australia. For my fellow friends back in Malaysia, one of the best picks is to definitely check yourself into a Singapore Airlines flight that takes you right into Adelaide.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always really enjoyed my flights on Singapore Airlines. The comfort on their aircrafts are quite unparalleled, even for someone like me who’s only been in their economy seats. Their food is one of the best I’ve ever had, which says a lot considering aircraft food has always been the scrutiny of most frequent fliers. 

Just imagine enjoying a flight and arriving to see this!

With a quick stopover in Singapore before your journey continues, this route also allows you to visit Singapore’s renowned Jewel Changi Singapore that sounds more like a mall than an airport. While you’re at it, maybe also check out the entire Changi Airport because it’s impressive! And finally, this pitstop means you'll be able to stretch your legs a little more and possibly freshen up before arriving at your destination or even when you’re flying back. Honestly, it’s a whole package deal.

How to start eating your way across South Australia?

Upon arriving at Adelaide via Singapore Airlines, it’s safe to say that you’ll be ready to eat to your hearts’ content. All that’s left to do is truly decide what you want to eat, where you want to go, and how you want to do it. Or if you’re not a fan of making these tough decisions, the wonderful people at Sedunia Travel will probably be your new best friends as they can create an itinerary that best suits your belly. 

I hope you’re hungry, because here we go!

If you’re the adventurous kind, however, and you’re looking for tips on building your own itinerary then boy do I have the choices for you!

The full Epicurean Way Road Trip

The first route you can consider is to simply chow down everything that comes your way on an Epicurean Way road trip. This is best done in a span of 4 to 5 days so you can truly wine and dine through South Australia’s wineries, restaurants, and markets that await. 

This, but way more awaits! 

This route starts at Willunga and takes you up to Macclesfield before venturing through Adelaide Hills. From there, you’ll also be eating your way to Barossa and heading all the way to Clare Valley where the road trip ends. To set expectations, you’ll be treated with a variety of premium winery, hospitality, and culinary experiences through this road trip so I hope you’ll be heading in hungry.

For 1-day trippers: Eating through Willunga to Hahndorf

Can’t spare 5 days for a fully fledged Epicurean Way road trip? Well don’t worry because a 1-day trip through Willunga to Hahndorf is still possible! Granted you’ll miss a number of eateries along the way, but you’ll still get to eat and drink your way through some of the best wineries of South Australia. 

Life is great when you fly to Adelaide during cherry season!

This choice is especially attractive to anyone who enjoys a walk through produce markets as it will kick off right from the Willunga Farmers Markets. It’s a great way to see the best of the season’s produce and you’ll even be able to meet the local farmers as well as artisan producers who pour their heart and soul into their products. 

Did somebody ask for a dining experience like no other? 

And who can forget the unique experience of dining in a Limestone building hosted by Maxwell Wines? Offering dishes with locally sourced produce paired alongside their sparkling meads, this quick trip is sure to satisfy the adventure-hungry in you.

For cheese’s sake: The foods of Hahndorf to Barossa Valley

Imagine this cheese paired with some wines over a picnic!

Cheese lovers be aware - whether you’re looking for gooey cheeses or sharp choices that compliment your fresh fruits of the season, the Woodside Cheese Wrights of Adelaide Hills will have you covered. This route of the Epicurean Way road trip that takes you from Hahndorf to Barossa Valley takes you just 1 day - which is quite similar to the previous choice but you do get more farm to table experiences. 

Already salivating to the thought of these freshly baked pastries

Another must-try will be the fresh pastries from El Estanco where their bakes are adorned with dried botanicals of the area. Focusing only on ethically sourced ingredients, El Estanco opens their doors for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you just know you’re welcome whenever you arrive.

Beers, barrels, and backdrops aplenty: A drive from Nuriooptpa to Clare Valley

And finally, if you like beer and had to choose just a portion of the Epicurean Way road trip to take then you’ll want to consider the drive between Nuriooptpa to Clare Valley. Spanning across a 93 km drive, this route is best explored across 2 days so you can truly sip and savour all that the area has to offer. I mean, I know my father would definitely pick this as a route if he had a choice! 

Ales of all kinds welcome here

Home to the Pikes Beer Company that first started brewing in South Australia in 1886, this establishment offers a wide range of fine ales, stout, and tonic water. Special brews also come and go by the season, with beer tasting available 7 days a week. For anyone feeling peckish, I’d even recommend going for the Beer Garden Lunch Menu that’s available from 12PM to 3PM daily.

How to decide which Epicurean Way road trip fits you best?

With all that’s said, I can imagine it’s not the easiest to choose which Epicurean Way road trip fits you best. Thankfully, the Aussie experts at Sedunia Travel are always happy to help tailor an itinerary that takes you from Kuala Lumpur to Adelaide on Singapore Airlines. It’s such a fuss-free solution to anyone who’s looking to travel without having to make elaborate plans - you just have to pack your bags and stomach.

And with just a quick flight, you can enjoy a cute picnic like this! 

Reaching out to Sedunia Travel is also way easier than you think. All you have to do is email them at and you can be on your way to booking your next trip to Adelaide almost immediately.i Good luck travelling and eating your way across South Australia!

All photos courtesy of South Australia

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