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Is that a new label on Well you best believe it, because I've recently managed to visit yet another city - and one that's been on my dream list for a while now...


Set around the Northern areas of Austria, Salzburg is the 4th largest city of the country and shares its borders with Germany. It's best known as the birthplace of the famous composer W.A Mozart and the very shoot location of the popular movie classic, The Sound of Music starring the late Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews. 

Of course, the latter was exactly why I've always wanted to see Salzburg with my very own eyes, so imagine the joy when my other half decided to gift me flight tickets as this year's birthday treat! That said - I've got several posts that I'd love to write about just as a time capsule for the amazing long weekend away and I hope you'll stick around. So let's get started with the first: Our hostel! 

Wolfgang's managed by a&o

Our "home" for this trip is a hostel called Wolfgang's and it's managed by the largest privately owned hostel chain in Europe, a&o. It's located just 5-minutes on foot away from the main Salzburg transport hub, Hauptbahnhof, making it ideal for tourists even if you have large suitcases. However, you'll want to be sure not to confuse Wolfgang's with the other a&o hostel that's right next to them...because we sure did!

A welcoming sight 

Drinks at your disposal...when it works

The lobby of Wolfgang's is as simple as you would expect most hostels, though I appreciated how clean and spacious it was. You'll find an island where there's standalone coffee machine, though it never did work for us unfortunately. We tried 3 times in total, and we had to get help from the staff twice because nothing came out but we had already paid. The thing was that ordering from the machine saves you up to 70 cents compared to getting it from the hostel bar, though both times when the machine failed us, the staff would just get us coffee from the bar machine anyway.

Checking in and out from the hostel was simple enough, though you don't always get the friendliest staff members. By experience, the lady who helped us out in the day time during check-in was nicer than the two guys who worked the night shift and we asked for extra shower gel from. I guess this is by luck, but I thought I'd mention it anyway to help lower your expectations in this case. 

Welcome to our room!

Minimally comfortable

Despite holding the title of a hostel, we managed to book out what they called a private double room with an en suite bathroom so we didn't have to share with others during our 5-night stay. At first glance, our room was really quite spacious and we were able to leave our luggages opened throughout the trip. However, there were no in-room safety boxes and we didn't think it would be okay to look our passports in the hotel safe that's supposedly in the lobby, so do keep this in mind if you're considering a visit. 

Extra beds, just because

The room did come with a double decker bed though, so it's safe to say you can comfortably house 4 people if you're traveling as a group. This was great for us though, since we then each had an extra pillow for the stay. Comfort wise, I would say the mattresses are just-right firm but measured a little smaller than the bed frame so you'll often find your pillow dipping through the crevices of the empty space. What puzzled me was how there was no fix for this though, because the mattress wouldn't budge even when I tried to push it into place. 

Private bathrooms are always better

Like I've mentioned, our room came with a private ensuite bathroom which I highly appreciated. The bathroom was adequately clean, but what I loved best was the water pressure of their shower that could really wash off the fatigue of a long day's travel. If there was just one thing I had to dislike about the bathroom, it was how there's no light in the shower area so it can be slightly dim.

A stop right by your doorstep

What truly sealed the deal with Wolfgang's, however, is how ridiculously convenient it can get. Now although the main station is just a 5-minute walk away, you could be really pampered with the Salzburg trolleybus number 5 that stops right in front of the hostel's door. This line runs you through the middle of Altstadt (Old Town) and even up to the Untersburg mastiff's cable car system, and that convenience is unparalleled. 

Our 5-night stay set us back just a little over €500, a cost of which in my honest opinion was very fair for what we got. Of course, there were minor shortcomings with the hostel, namely a broken air-conditioning system so it got pretty warm on the sunny days, but it was still a good spot in Salzburg. We really enjoyed how fuss-free the stay was, and it's just important to say it felt safe and clean. I do recommend this place, so if you're looking for a hotel in Salzburg that will give you a run for your money, you know where to go now!

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