I'm Your Pocahontas

By Elie - 4:44 PM

Okay, so I'm starting fresh. Like all over again. And this very first post is going to be a tribute to the man who has inspired me to write and share my feelings to the world although he has done it very indirectly.

In Loving Memory of Mr.Swithin Armand Monteiro. [25.02.1952 - 22.02.2011]

And I'm showing you who he is because he has indirectly inspired me to write and let the juices flow. Do not be afraid to tell the world how you feel. Do not be afraid of criticism. And most importantly,never be afraid to do something you love. So why would I say it was indirect? It would be something that his brother, Sandy Monteiro mentioned during the memorial this evening. "Swithin loved writing so much and he was so happy to be doing it".

It sparked this fire inside of me and at that moment, I knew that there was nothing wrong with speaking your mind, jotting down your feelings and sharing your views. And so, this is my beginning. Thank you dearest Uncle Swithin. Without you, I would never have learnt what Black Sabbath is (for those who don't know: it's a really old rock band.) and I would never have learnt how to be brave enough to share with the world what I really think. You are gone but not forever. In fact, I wouldn't even think of it as that you are gone. I shall just put it as that you are spinning your CDs up in heaven. I wish them luck up there.

"Not only was his life rich, he enriched the lives of others"

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