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By Elie - 5:05 AM

Oooo I just came back from the final memorial for Uncle Swithin at the Assumption Church,PJ and I'd say I'm lucky not to have my major breakdown session there (although I literally wanted to fall on my knees and bawl my heart out when I looked at his body in the coffin) cause then it'll be pretty embarrassing,no?

When we paid our final respects,I realized that this really was the LAST damn time I'd be seeing him. His body at least. Well actually it's every one's last chance,isn't it? And if anyone were to approach me to ask, "Elie, why are you so emotional every time someone dies?" I would probably slap them hard on the face. I'm sorry but it's just who I am. Death to something unavoidable,crucial and final. It is what completes the life cycle, only to start all over again. When I cry, I show not only the love I have for the person, I also reveal all aspects of respect that I keep. The good times, the bad times. The hard times, the easy times. Every hour is a chance. Every minute is an opportunity. Every second is a treasure.

Honestly, right now I don't know how to feel. A part of me feels glad that Uncle Swithin's pain has been minimized to zilch. He's somewhere happier, somewhere way more peaceful, somewhere less corrupted but also possibly somewhere that wouldn't really enjoy the kind of music he enjoys. (No he wouldn't change his taste in music, he'll probably just turn the tables and make everyone like what he likes. WATCH OUT, HEAVEN! MR.SWITHIN MONTEIRO HAS ARRIVED AND HE'S ABOUT TO MAKE YOU LISTEN TO WHAT MUSIC REALLY IS!)

Today, Uncle Sandy told me as I gave him a hug that I've got a promise to live up to. I gotta be the next best writer, guided by Uncle Swithin as an inspiration. So dearest Uncle Sandy, I don't know if I could do it but I assure you that I will give it all no matter what to achieve that goal. I've never known you before this but I suppose now I do. I hope you're reading all this...I hope you don't find them offensive, and I sure hope I am walking the right path to getting greatness.

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