By Elie - 5:12 PM I really need to post something up first and here it is:

Apologizing does not always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your relationship more than your ego.

I found it on Tumblr and it is just SO VERY TRUE!!! Especially after what's been happening between myself and *ahem*.

ANYWAY, I shall make it a long story cut short thing and tell my dearest readers exams sucked. No no, I didn't fail anything. Not that I would know it yet anyway. The results are only coming out in a few weeks from now but it does not help that I'm so stressed and afraid. So here is a quick breakdown of my exams so far:

Communication English 103: (I seriously hope Mr.Nick is reading this. Then again, not really!) It was fine in the beginning. A lot of confidence to begin with. The reading comprehension was fun, and in a way I found myself quite absorbed into it. Probably because I could relate to it but of course I had never worked in a fast food joint. Then came the editing which was...a little tough but okay. But when it came to the head just exploded there. Like...LITERALLY EXPLODED RIGHT THERE. So you could imagine the catastrophe. I do hope it's good enough to gain me a PASS grade. Because if I were to fail, I'd be dead. Literal meaning being used here.

Mass Communication: (Save me now...) It started out okay. And then it became...[Oh My God] before it turned into the [kill me now] face and it ended with a [bury me six feet under. NOW] reaction. I don't think you need a long elaboration,right? Basicly it was just bad,okay? But at the same time, I hope it is sufficient for a PASS. Ms.Jo~~~~~~~~~~

Now I have one more paper to tackle on Monday. So you might find a few more updates these few days. No promises but if you keep your fingers crossed, you may just find updates here. :)

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