Random rant

By Elie - 10:41 AM

Dear Advertising Principles,

You and I have forged a love-hate relationship where you seem to love me while I despise you to the bones. I'm really glad that you and I will be breaking up after the 21st of March because I cannot stand having to read all the words that others have to say about you and honestly, I don't really care. We probably started out really well but as we grew to understand each other further, I found that you are not only irritating to the core but you also bore me to death. Thus, I hope you will move on after our parting and go and make someone ELSE'S life miserable instead.

Someone who hates reading notes about you but is forced to because exams are around the corner.

I admit, I have gone nuts. You have the choice to ignore me or to love me more right now. Of course, I do hope you still like me. And yes, I am greedy like that. :)

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