Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

By Elie - 6:04 PM

Oh my gosh I have so much to talk about but then there's just so little time for me to be blogging. Mainly because my last and most horrible exam paper is on MONDAY and I didn't really study properly and also because I'm so tired and it's freaking 12 something in the midnight. But I REALLY NEED TO LET IT OUT!!!

My dad brought my mum and I to watch...THE ORCHESTRA!!! Funny as it may sound, I was actually really excited over it. Maybe I am getting old and sappy. Or maybe it was because they were playing BUTTERFLY LOVER'S CONCERTO!!! Rawr I love that song! I can have it playing on my dad's amplifier and set it on repeat nearly 5 times before I would actually allow the song to change. (That's approximately half an hour gone listening to just ONE song. So now you see how much I like it?)

Forgive me for I am a bad photographer. OUR TICKETS!!!

And watching it LIVE in front of was Given, it wasn't the same person I always listen to, (Takako Nishizaki <--- is that how to even spell her name?! I don't know. I always adress her as "The Japanese Violinist".)  the orchestra still wasn't too bad. Though I really have the urge to walk up to the conductor and ask if he actually has fits at night when he sleeps. The dude just jumps and hops and does some weird twirling with his hands and the cycle goes on. Not only was it weird in a way, it was super entertaining to see and anticipate the fact that he might fall if he hops too far. I'm evil, I know.

The first song of the night was titled "Love" and if you ask me, there was absolutely NO substance of LOVE in the damn song. I don't even know if I can call it a song! Call me a novice in listening to orchestral music, but these are my views afterall so what I say goes. After the interval, they played "Butterfly Lovers" in which you would have to admit, it was just amazing. (And just in case some people may be wondering what sort of a song "Butterfly Lovers" is...I have the link right here. That's right. Just click on the word here. No not here. THERE! Wait never mind, I think you've caught on by now.) Eventually when it ended, everyone just kept clapping for a good 5 minute and the poor violinist kept having to return to the stage and thank everyone for the response he had gotten. The final song was a "Taigu" song which wasn't all too bad...but nothing beats what came before it. And yes, you are allowed to call me a bias person.

I think that's a quick and fair review of the overall performance...and if there's anything else, I may just add it in some other day. :)

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