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Oh look, another entry. I'm on the high tonight. So this one's for my dad, regardless whether he reads my blog or not. I sat down with him today (as if I don't do it on other days) and then I started poking at his hands. I realized; just like someone who has recently entered my life and made it special; daddy's got a really big palm. And with that big palm, came lots of wrinkles. There's visible pigmentation scars on daddy's hands now!

My hand on daddy's. <3

My dad's not an old man. But neither is he that young anymore. Sure there were things he did back then that probably hurt everyone. However, we're all humans. And we all deserve to be forgiven. For a while back, I never thought I could be walking this path. But now I'm trodding down this road and I've never seen myself smile like this. Guess what daddy? There's *things* I wanna tell you so badly. And one day I will. Oh and when I tell you, I'll give you the promise that no matter what, you're still more special, okay? Love ya. :)

P/S: I need to grab hold of mummy long enough to let her snap a picture of my hand on hers. Hmph.

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