It's all over now

By Elie - 5:00 PM

Exams have ended! Exams have ended! Exams have ENDED!!! Yes I am feeling quite hyper right now although you really can't see it. Trust me, my body is SO not designed for this "study in the middle of the night till dawn; sleep for 2 hours and then go for exam" thing. But now that it's ALL FINISHED, I can finally take a good break. (Pfft as if...I've got activities lined up for my 2 week sem break!)

So...advertising principles paper was shit. Like seriously SHIT. I studied so hard and all I got nightmare. I probably won't fail...but it was just such a waste of my time staying up and studying. Pfft.

Okay I shall stop complaining and go chat with someone who will cheer me up now. Bye. :)

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