Shocking as it may seem

By Elie - 5:09 PM

Wow! My dad actually asked me this evening if I still blog! Well OF COURSE I still blog! However, most of the time it is just about my boring life as an ordinary jobless college student. It is most sad to say I am still unemployed. Honestly, it's not easy given the criteria that I have set for the kind of job I am seeking.

  • Must be near home. Or at least near to some public transport access. That way, my parents don't have to drive me too far.
  • Timing's gotta be consistent. 10am - 10pm is fine. Over 10pm will be a KIV detail. Preferably it doesn't have to be over 10pm...PITY MY PARENTS, LIKE HELLO?!
  • Work load's gotta be light. I can't possible work in fast food joints nor can I work in those big, hot shot places because I need to make sure I can still study while I'm at work. It's called multi-tasking. Something that someone can never do. (I feel evil now.)
  • Salary's gotta be good. Well OBVIOUSLY! That's the main reason I'm getting a job anyway!
I probably sound very bimbo right now with all these silly rules I laid down. But if you come to think of it, the only reason why I laid down rules as such is because I don't want to bother those who are ferrying me back and forth. (That would be my parents. Unless someone else would like to take over the job but then it would still send me down guilt trips.) Truth is, I can never live with the fact that I am troubling someone. And now suddenly I sound so amazing. No no no, don't get me wrong. It's just who I am!

How's that for a quick update on life eh? Oh wait, that was just me rambling on about some rubbish. Life's pretty okay so far. I'm on my semester break!!! Boy am I happy!!! More sleeping where that came from!!! I am no pig but I am no owl either. My post timings may disagree however...

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