John turns 18

By Elie - 4:46 PM

It's John's birthday today!!! So (AGAIN) Happy Birthday John! And we're talking about the John in my college...nyeh...

We went out today; Wai Kin, Amber, Eddy, Nicholas Yap, John the birthday boy and two of other John's friends to watch Sucker Punch. Which seriously...sucked. The only reason I stayed through the movie was because I already paid ( a way I guess...) and because the songs rocked. I'm not one for effects but they said the effects were great so okay...the effects are great. They even had lunch at Chilli's today, which I didn't eat because it was expensive and I've already had breakfast with mum and dad before going. (OH THANK GOD!)

Oh and we also went to the arcade in which I (obviously) went on the Para Para machine. DEAR GOD HOW BAD I SUCK RIGHT NOW PLAYING THAT!!! Wai Kin and Amber also tried it and somehow it felt a little weird to stand next to them while they did it because I've never seen any of my friends ever try the machine. I always felt awkward having people watch me but I suppose they feel exactly the same. We chilled out for a bit and then headed to the park at BU 4 where the few of them played b-ball. Even Amber played while wearing a skirt...something I can't really do. What happened after the park kinda freaked me out and also made me get a little emotional. Wai Kin made me drive his car. And yes, I did it after a little bit of persuasion. I need to master the art of saying "no". Seriously...and somehow I just had the feeling of bursting out and crying AFTER I switched back with him. I think I killed everyone's mood there and after though and I can't feel anymore sorry for what I did.

Dinner was at some "char chan teng" in 1U (I seriously don't know how to spell that place we had dinner, sorry.) in which we had some BIG ASS free milk tea because it was John's birthday and he flashed his IC at the staff. FREE DRINKS! Whee!!! I also threw a tantrum at Wai Kin after we all had some random debate about Malaysia's number 1 killers and all that jazz. Apparently it's heart attack. stroke and cancer...and somehow I just couldn't control myself. I shouted at him to shut up and immediately I could feel the tears well up at my eyes. Not only did I think of Uncle Swithin, I also remembered a number of people I had lost to all these illnesses. I failed horribly at hiding my tears though and somehow I felt safe to move over to Amber's and cry on her shoulder.

The day ended with us sending Amber, Eddy and John back and then Wai Kin had to drive ME back. So so grateful. And I so so love him for that. Or not...okay I'll shut up and go to sleep now.

P/S: Oh!!! Amber bought me 2 bracelets from Cotton On today!!! I'm freaking delighted!!! I love the bracelets a lot...however I'm too lazy to take pictures of it tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Or I'll just wait till she gives me the picture she took of it. :)

[EDIT] I have PICTURES courtesy of Amber!

My bracelets. One says BELIEVE and the other says PEACE.
I believe in peace. :)

I'm even wearing Amber's bracelets to snap this picture. The heart shape and the peace sign bracelets are hers.

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