Qing Ming 2011

By Elie - 3:39 PM

Mission accomplished! We're done with the Qing Ming ritual for the year and I'm never happier. Seriously, I'm not one for going to cemeteries anyway. I don't think anyone likes it...unless you make a living there but that's a completely different story altogether anyway.

So...I didn't sleep last night because we were supposed to get up at 4.30 am and I had a rough night to begin with so I completely ignored my sleep. I swear, I must have looked like a complete haggard when I woke up but then I doubt anyone would complain. After all...I'm just going to the CEMETERY. Who's watching eh? Err...it's best you don't answer that though. It rained while we were going there...and in fact it rained while we were praying so we had to rush through our rituals.

I suppose I need not elaborate on the usual prayer mojo...and when we were done, we headed to a relative's place to clean up a little. After that, it was LUNCH TIME! Technically it was breakfast because we didn't have any but in a way it would be weird that it's called breakfast at 12 noon. Brunch it shall be. Of course, we wanted to patronize the all time yummy chicken floss "hor fun" at this coffeeshop called "Teen Jun" but it was too packed and we had a company of 9 so we couldn't get a table at all...really dissappointing. But I guess meeting Michelle Yeoh there made up for the dissappointment. Yes you read that right! I saw Michelle Yeoh feasting in "Teen Jun" with her family! She wore a blue cap and big framed glasses but she still down right looked good. Tired looking...but good.

We ended up at the coffeeshop next door; "Kong Heng" which didn't serve as good a chicken floss "hor fun". I didn't even get to eat tofu from Ipoh this trip back! And no custard from "Teen Jun" either. Hmph...talk about major dissappointments! We left Ipoh about 2-ish and got back to KL around 4.30 pm. Please do NOT ask me about the traffic because I would know ZILCH about it. I dozed off right when we left the Ipoh toll and got on the highway. Hahaha...call me a pig, I don't mind. I was just too tired to pay attention anymore. Not that I needed to pay attention anway...however I do know that it rained all the way when we were coming home. Gosh I'm so tired...WHAT AM I DOING ONLINE? (Oh right, I haven't spoken to him all day now.) I suppose this is where I say goodbye though. My eyes are tinier than I ever though is possible. I'M AMAZED! No, seriously I am.

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