Ooooh look another tribute!

By Elie - 2:19 PM

Damn! I opened up my Facebook page this morning and I see...ANOTHER TRIBUTE to Uncle Swithin! So guess what I did? Cry. In the middle of no where...well not exactly but I was in Starbucks and it just came off as a little awkward...having a teenager stare at the laptop screen and holding back her tears right there.

Honestly I'm getting better at this "hold your tears back and don't let people see the sadness in your eyes" thing but sometimes I just can't help it. It's not only inhumane but it is also EXTREMELY torturous. Sigh. Rest in peace Cantus Lupus. I'm never forgetting you. Ever.

P/S: I seriously had NO idea that my own lecturer reads my blog. So if you're seeing this, Mr.Nick...HELLO THERE! Welcome to my blog. I hope I haven't said anything to offend you or any other lecturers. If I DID then I'm very sorry. Please don't kill my grades! =)

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