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Ah another one who has kicked the bucket. Okay maybe I shouldn't be putting it in such a bright mood but eventually life has to go on. Of course, given that one death follows another, it does not make life any easier. So this time round, it is my primary school teacher who was ALSO my class teacher back in Standard 5 who has left us forever...her name IS Pn.Rahani. (Yes I'm aware of the unnecessary capital IS and also the wrong tense that I'm using but I'm honestly trying not to make her sound so much like a person of the past.)

So what do I remember about Pn.Rahani? Given my year in Standard 5 was a tough one...what with living without a class teacher for the first quarter of our year and then this stranger walks in one day and proclaims herself as a new teacher in SKBB and she is also our new class teacher so the very first impression was, "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" because she looked nothing like a teacher. Eventually we all warmed up to her as she was also our English teacher and a pretty damn good one at that. Of course, the one thing that struck my mind most about her was how she stood up for me back when I didn't pay my class funds.

Thinking back, I wonder if it really was my fault or it was just the child in me that has so much of fear. I remember how I owed the treasurer of the class about a great amount of RM 8 (Hey, I was 11 years old. 8 bucks was a LOT of money okay? It'll take at LEAST 2 weeks to gather that amount given the pocket money I was receiving!) and I just found it so difficult to cough up the cash for her. The treasurer eventually pushed her luck further and I simply took the case to my dad. (Yes I'm daddy's little girl. GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT, PEOPLE?) Dad came to school about the very next day and I could see the fear in Pn.Rahani's face. I think she had never met someone's parents in such an abrupt way. After all, my dad had that angry face plastered the whole time and it wasn't pleasant at all. Basicly after that nobody dared to really be friends with me (and so began my anti-social days...okay I'm joking. Maybe half joking but yeah you get the idea, really) because my dad was so freaking scary.

So Pn.Rahani stepped up, and helped me through...she also walked with me pass my days as a senior in school although I probably didn't do very well (now I'm seriously laughing out loud, thinking of my school days) but she never gave up. So this one's to you, Pn.Rahani. Although I completely lost contact with you after graduating primary school and headed off to an apparent brighter future, I assure you that I have not forgotten you. Rest in peace, dear teacher. We shall all miss you for who you ARE. (STILL using present tense here! I'm stubborn as hell, SO SUE ME!)

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