Why are we as judgemental now?

By Elie - 9:52 AM

I was speaking to my friend Amber the other night and I eventually came to realize something. Why is it that as we grow up, we seem to look at people who are "beautiful" or "hot" or somehow we're only looking at money as a factor for liking a person? Why is make up so crucial or even skimpy clothes something that specifies that you are in the "cool" category of living in the society now?

Whatever happened to wearing warm jackets or even donning a hairstyle that isn't too stylish? What happened to the days where we didn't have to care about what we wore but we're still beautiful? And days where being fat didn't really matter? Where being a guy when you're a girl is acceptable? What happened to days where you could smile and it's a genuine one or cry because you're really upset? Why have we grown up to be so different? Why have you become people who are so judgemental? Just because we're smiling, it would mean we're hiding? Just because we're tearing up, it would mean we are emotional and on the brink of suicide?

Is this the society we are living in right now? One where make up is a necessity and not a want? One where skimpy clothes were a disgrace and not the way to be? Is this where our future is headed? Or is this just the society's disgusting way of thoughts right now? I wouldn't be in place to say much.

But here's one thing I'm pretty sure of right now. No matter who you are out there; fat or thin, black or white, scarred or not...you must believe in yourself. Believe that you are beautiful. Believe that you are special. If your excuse is that nobody loves you then you are wrong. YOU should be loving yourself. And when YOU love yourself...then everybody would come around too.

And to the world: STOP BEING SO BLOODY JUDGEMENTAL. I find no faults in myself when I go out wearing my big and warm jacket paired with my long jeans and my Nike shoes...nor do I find it weird when I walk out with my LIVESTRONG wristbands and a sports watch when I'm a girl. It's just a matter of how you put your thoughts and how you arrange your mind. Looks...are often bloody deceiving.

Just because I wear bands, it doesn't make me a rebel.
Just because I wear pants, it doesn't make me a guy.
And just because I don't bloody wear skirts, it doesn't make me any less girly.

Read it and weep, society. This is who I am and no way I'm changing for you.

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