Plans got cancelled

By Elie - 6:20 AM

Naw! My plans for the day got cancelled and somehow I don't know what to feel. A part of me feels like screaming out at my friend for suggesting that we call it off but another part of me tells me that I should be freaking glad because that would mean that I don't have to actually dress up and everything. Call me lazy, call me carefree, call me a tomboy and I seriously don't care. I live my life MY way and I'm really proud of it. I mean, why would you wanna live YOUR life for SOMEONE else? Given; yes I do think that sometimes I exist in order for someone else to be as well but the cheesy feeling could end there, no?

Okay my stupid philosophies could end there. A feeling somewhere SOMEHOW tells me that I really need to quit with my random rambling of idiocy and yet this tiny part of me tells me to ignore what others have to say and get on with what I think. Is this the little part of me that is growing up? Leaving my realm of childishness, maturing into the age of adulthood? Because if it is...SHIT IT MEANS I'M GETTING OLD! I will NOT live with wrinkles and a back ache while I'm only 19! I refuse to! Hmph...I refuse to! Oh hi, Starbucks. Thought I'd need you to stay awake today. Another sign of old age? I say...that's what you think anyway. :)

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