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By Elie - 7:03 PM

I'm SO tired, I should really be in bed but there's this whole part of me that is just dying to post something here. I went SHOPPING today with Wai Kin, Amber and Eddy!!! We went to Sungai Wang and boy did WE have the time of our lives. We literally walked the whole damn Sungai Wang in search of one dress...ONE for me. Thank God we actually found not one but TWO finally in one shop that didn't cost too much afterall...and yeah I'm happy.

We had Tomyum at Jalan Alor since Wai Kin said it was nice and he's been there before and I've been craving for Tomyum since...the day he told me he was going for Thai food. He even had to MMS me the picture of the food he was having so that seriously just sent me on a crazy craving for Tomyum. Remarks: the food wasn't all too bad. The Tomyum was a little salty and I bet its seriously packed with Ajinamoto because I'm dying of thirst right now. Or it could really be the vege which was SUPPOSED to be baby kailan but looked nothing close to kailan. It was nice, pretty sweet to taste; quite authenticly Thai but we really don't know what vege it was. The minced chicken was seriously THE BOMB (as much a Tomyum freak I am, I must admit that the Tomyum lost out this time...what a let down) with the taste seriously flaming up my tongue. I didn't really get why we ordered a fried egg because honestly it just didn't go with the rest of the dishes but oh well...

We finished up dinner at about 9.30 pm and then I realized that I was in deep shit because we were SO far away from home and we had to send Eddy, Amber and then me. (Or at least Wai Kin had to send us all.) So we rushed off home and I reached about 11 pm and had this fear surrounding me that my dad would murder me. Thankfully enough, he didn't although I did sense the anger aura coming from him. (Uh-oh.) I paraded my loot for the day to mum and dad who were quite satisfied...even had mum alter the dress a little because it was loose (I'm thin! I'm thin!) and she happily did it in an instant. Seriously, my mother is a wonder woman! jealous now, dear readers.

Alright...seriously it's 1 am in the freaking midnight and I'm still using the computer? I must be nuts. Gotta run off to sleep for real now. Got some important stuffs to do tomorrow. Damn I'm excited...and pretty nervous at the same time. Oh and a tiny hint of shyness could be coming out too. Wait for the update on what's up. ;)

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