First Day Back

By Elie - 5:58 PM

First day back at WORK! And boy am I tired right now. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING that I want more than to splat dead on my bed and sleep off till my mum decides to scrape me off it tomorrow in the morning just to go back to my routine. But lo and I am again. I suppose I wouldn't elaborate too much on how it was (partly because I'm afraid some customers will recognize my picture on the right and then go "Hey, she's talking about us. Let's not tip her next time!" and another reason is just cause I'm too tired to do anything) but I'll just summarize the few things I find important.

First things be in the servicing industry, you really gotta get that game face on. That smile that has to be plastered on your face no matter how stupid and idiotic and bitchy your customer gets? Learn it up. It's VERY useful. Secondly, love your co-workers. They entertain you and they cover you. I'm lucky to be working with my classmate since Standard 1 in primary school; Pui Yi so I obviously LOVE my co-worker. The other girl Karen's not too bad. I think she finds me pretty weird though. Third thing, learn your stuff and learn them REAL good. Because your customers come prepared with the freakiest of questions. Just be as prepared as them and you'll be fine. Fourth thing, do NOT at any rate start looking at your watch. Because then you would notice that time just whizzes past. Regardless how bored you are, do NOT look at the time. Ever. Fifth and last thing...just enjoy yourself. Yes, it's work. And yes it feels like slave labor at times...but if you think of it as charity work but you're getting paid then it'll be fine. Trust me. I know.

Alright, now I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is another day. And hopefully this time I don't meet customers who asks me questions or throw me insults as well as give loads of worthless comments that makes me want to smack the serving tray in their face. Seriously. Smile away and ignore those who are stupid. It'll be fine. Eventually.

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