Working life day 2

By Elie - 5:27 PM

Truth is...I'm pretty tired. As per usual. But I can't head to bed just yet. Because there's one too many things I have to finish up. So let me just do a quick review of work today. I'll quit talking about my job soon enough. Like when I get into the one week line and talking about it just generates boredom? Yeah, then I'll just stop mentioning work. was just plain madness. There were no customers in the morning and somehow Pui Yi warned me that this was going to go on for the WHOLE DAY. I was secretly cussing in my mind because it was boring. And I had a feeling that the battery of my phone was not going to last if I were to fish for WiFi all day long to stalk a certain somebody on Facebook as well as use the chat application that I downloaded. But boy were the three of us surprised today! (The 3 of us being Pui Yi, another co-worker; Karen and myself...)  The crowd...came after lunch. And they just kept coming in then going out and then a new batch enters. And this lasted for a good 3 hours. Phew. Talk about being tired now. Yes, I'm tired after so little work but come on, cut me some slack. I haven't worked in 3 years already! And plus, there's assignments waiting for me, alright? I shan't elaborate too much...just in case I bore you to death with the things that has been happening. Oh, but the good part about my day was that I met Uncle Dev and the whole of the Letchumanan family. Talk about meeting people who matter a lot to you! That feeling is just something you don't find ANYWHERE. Right...assignment time now. KILL ME!!!

P/S: So today...IS EASTER SUNDAY! So Happy Easter, folks! I know I'm really late in wishing everyone but this is really what happens when I'm out the whole day without proper access to the internet. I'm still accepting chocolate eggs if anyone's up for a mood of giving or sharing!

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