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By Elie - 4:40 PM

Okay, so I realized that I haven't mentioned this at all but my brother is currently hospitalized. No no, nothing serious...he's just got this thing called pneumomediastinum. And a search on Google summarized it as that Pneumomediastinum is uncommon. The condition can be caused by injury or disease. Most often, it occurs when air leaks from any part of the lung or airways into the mediastinum (The mediastinum is the space in the middle of the chest, between the lungs.) So yeah. Basically now my brother cannot be doing hectic exercises, cannot smoke (not that he does) and cannot swallow food too quickly. Because this pneumo-whatever happens even if there's a tear in your esophagus or trachea. Talk about serious.

Anyway, I spent my whole day with him today in his ward in which was shared with 3 other patients. An old uncle was on the bed next to him and opposite him was a man who seemed like he was in some mid age crisis while I never met the other patient. The guy with the mid age crisis sleeps like a pig! Well, I don't know how he looks but he sure as hell snores like one. I could hear him snore even through my earphones while I was watching One Tree Hill! Hahaha...which brings me to my next point. You see, I was sharing half the bed with my brother because my parents took the two chairs the hospital had provided. In the morning I did my computer graphics assignment with the help of his critics and compliments so when I completed that, I eventually leeched on HIS P1 Wimax connection and then got on with the One Tree Hill series I had downloaded from the store in college. I'm telling you...the hospital; albeit being bright and clean; is a depressive place. There's silence everywhere and it feels like a sin to even be a little noisy! Take for example when I go to the toilet and I close the door behind me...that tiny "click" as I lock the door sounds as though I'd had just triggered the bloody bomb switch somewhere and it just went boom. Right, maybe that may be a little over exaggerated but hey, what's life without a little bit of drama? My verdict after having been in the hospital so often in these few days more than I've ever done in 18 years of my life? The hospital is still a cold and lonely place. 

I had just posted on my Facebook account the other day that I'd seen happy faces, gloomy expressions and I sensed some tensed atmospheres. I was wondering what ran in the minds of these people. I wondered what they were thinking of or what they were preparing for. Was it death that was bestowing them? Was it the arrival of a new life? Or was it the renewal of a new hope? Truth be told, I really want to know. Till this day, I really do want to know. What's in their minds as they step into Pantai Hospital, Jalan Bukit Pantai, Kuala Lumpur?

P/S: On a lighter friend Bryan complained that there's more words than pictures in this blog (he's read my old blog before...Bryan you fussy pot!) I shall now enlighten you with a treat. A picture of me posing! The quality is a fair bit grainy because I wasn't using the proper camera on my phone. I simply shot this using the front camera which is basically a camera of only 0.3 megapixels. How sad is that?

Did you mean what you said? About falling in love with me...
Baby, when you replied that you meant every don't know how hard I cried.

I took that in the hospital last night after work and my hair looks weird because I pinned it up for hygiene's sake. Hey, I am a professional waitress, okay? So now Bryan, will you stop complaining that my words are giving you a headache? And to the person; that special person in my life...I miss you. I miss how we started out. When we would speak to each other and smile. When we would text through the wee hours of the morning and be proud to do it. Whatever happened anyway?

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