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By Elie - 6:05 PM

Forgive my ranting but I'M SO IRRITATED BY THE FACT THAT MY MOUSE HAS FAILED ON ME!!! Honestly now...using a computer without a mouse is like drinking coffee without sugar. It's just so inconvenient without that handy little thing with a "tail" so curse the "cat" that has decided to murder my mouse. I can't stand not working with a mouse. I'm spoilt, I give you that much.

Okay enough about my computer woes. My brother has finally been discharged from the hospital with a hefty RM 9k bill but we're really thankful that there's the insurance company to help us out a little. Imagine the heart attack my parents would have if we were to settle that bill! I don't know why he's even charged so much...I have a feeling it's because the bed is pretty damn comfortable. Sickening as that sounds, I'm serious! The bed and that fluffy pillow as well as that oh-so-warm blanket is really good. It's no wonder my brother claimed that he was taking a ride on a business class flight. More over it was on a "window seat". about being classy! So now that we know it's the fault of his torn esophagus and it's a condition called pneumo-I-still-can't-pronounce-it, I suppose we could say that's the end of his complications. Yes, I cannot pronounce his condition and thus I REFUSE to post it. Neither will I Google it. You do that if you're so interested. Hmph.

Work's going along pretty well. I'm mostly tired these days though because I've been rushing from home to work and then to the hospital to see my brother. And then the cycle continues. It's been quite tiring for everyone I suppose. Plus, I have classes tomorrow. I am a busy teenager!!!! Oh and someone's playing for PARTS Plugged tomorrow night. So you may be wondering what in heaven's name PARTS Plugged actually is. Basically it's something that my college has put together and it's a sort of a mini concert-ish feel kind of thing. So everyone's welcome. One of the lecturers from college even has a band with the college boys and she's the lead vocalist. They're not too bad anyway. Plus, he's the bassist. Hmm...boys who play instruments are just sexy.

I shall go away now. I'm tired. And it's going to be a long long day tomorrow. Good night, peeps!

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