Guess what? Guess what?

By Elie - 12:02 PM

Oh yay! Anyone remember this list?

  1. I will get a job...
  2. I will study harder this semester!
  3. I will get started on the novel I've got stuck in my head for months
  4. I will wear a dress to college
  5. I will learn to use the camera and do proper photography
  6. I will learn how to use the stupid Photoshop thing already
Well guess what? I can do something to this list now...
  1. I will get a job...
 I got myself a job! I start next week and I'll be working with Pui Yi in Bangsar Shopping Centre! The pay's decent and the timing as well as the place of this job completely fits the requirements I have. Given, it's not perfect (because by the end of the day I'd be dead tired and I'd have no time to study) but it's just better than nothing. I am no longer jobless!

Suddenly I've just forgotten how it feels like to be someone with a job. I've forgotten how to WORK! Please don't laugh at me because the last time I ever had a job was in Form 4 and that lasted for a good 3 weeks because that was as long as they needed help. The one before that was in Form 3 and that was also with Pui Yi. ALDO Shoes and Accessories ring a bell to anyone? There's a branch over at Bangsar Village II and I used to be a sales assistant there! Awesome, don't you think? Over the four jobs I've ever worked at, two are with Pui Yi! Sisterly love, don't you think?

Okay, random and meaningless rants should halt right now. Bye. :)

P/S: Its going to rain soon!

I can see the dark clouds. I can hear the thunder roar. I can feel the wind blow. Let the rain take away my pain. Let the lighting strike away my fear. Let the gust blow away my sorrow. Mmhmm let it all come along now.

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