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By Elie - 3:46 PM

Alright, so I may seem a little "happening" today with 2 posts in a day...and both coming up a few hours apart from each other but well here's what's up. I finally had the guts to promote my blog PUBLICLY on Facebook today! Gosh, I feel proud of myself. I can finally call myself a blogger albeit a really bad one right now! Shame on me, really.

And I also realized that now that my blog has been made known to public, (I wonder if people clicked on the link) I should provide a proper comment area for those who would like to leave me a message. So if you would please look on your RIGHT side, there is a new widget (as we bloggers call it) called the ShoutMix where you are free to leave me compliments (or insults) but I must say that I reserve all rights to delete any comments that are inappropriate for public viewing. I will also delete comments that I think are spam messages or just plain...uh...insulting. Basically, I have the power, alright?

So dear readers, chitter-chatter away now! :)

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