Saying the wrong thing

By Elie - 5:17 PM

I just realized that I'm not as avid a blogger as I used to be...and somehow I feel sad. I used to post something up EVERYDAY but that was in the old blog. And most of my posts were emotional so in a way you could say that being an occasional blogger isn't too bad after all. So anyway, I just wanted to mention something that happened to me just now. I was shopping with my mum and she saw this belt she really liked. Somehow when she asked for my opinion, I had this impression that it looks weird because it had this stick in the I said what was on my mind. The conversation was something as below:

Mum: How do you like it?
Me: It looks weird, mum. It's got a stick in the middle of nowhere...
Salesgirl: *giggles*
Me: (Has the confused face) (Realizes what I just said) Oh my God no no wait that's not what I my God...ah never mind.
Mum: (Still confused) What?
Me: Never mind, mum. Never mind.

Some people may not understand what that actually means but for those who do, I really blushed hard after that.

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