Dear Graphics Design

By Elie - 7:49 AM

Oh my GAWD!!! I had graphics design class just now and I must say...I BLOODY HATE IT. I have to admit, I am a retard when it comes to fiddling with the computer too much or having to actually do work on it...simply put, I'm the type that just uses the computer to listen to music, blog, get on Facebook, Skype a little, MSN a lot and then just view pictures and what not. I'm not one for editing photos or stuff like that! I'm not! I'm not!

Seriously I hate it. My lecturer's not too boring but I'm going to have to try and get used to her pronunciation of some words. It's no good. Really. I'm not trying to boast or claim that I have perfect pronunciation, given we are all humans after all but I just can't get a hold of what SHE has to say. I complain and I whine a lot, I know. creative thinking class got cancelled. Most of us are happy because then we could go on with a spontaneous plan of some soft to hang out with our friends but personally I'm not too sure if I should be happy or I should be sad. I'm still hanging out with the person of my choice...note I said PERSON which is basically in plural form. No, I am not admitting to anything but I am however HINTING a possibility of a little something happening in my life. Have I gotten your attention now? ;)

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