Looking up, looking away.

By Elie - 5:08 PM

Semester 2 started today! And the subject for the day? Moral. It wasn't too bad, really. Today was the introductory class to the subject and my lecturer wasn't all too boring. I mean, at least she didn't put us to sleep...yet. The guys couldn't take it too well though. I think they were pretty dead after the first hour...in fact, Bryan was already nodding off about half hour into class! Epic!

Oh but class was at 3 noon so I hung out at the library in the morning after my dad dropped me off and I saw this whole bunch of seniors in front of me which really got me to think that I'm THIS close to leaving my teenage years! I'm going to be 20 next year! What happened to my youth?! What happened to my childhood?! What happened to all my immaturity and times when I could irritate the life out of everyone on the basis that I was still a kid?!

I guess those would be gone pretty soon. Honestly though, I started to wonder...what am I going to be like when I turn 20? Or when I leave college? What's in store for me? Do I fly like I've always wanted to? Do I look at a different option if I was offered something better? Or am I to just laze around (I wish) and await my fate to get married and be contented with life? A family with a husband and a child or two?

However, it may seem a little weird for a kid to be wondering of so many things at once right now wouldn't it? How many teenagers out there are bothered to wonder so much anyway? Oh boy I think I'm going to be one of those who age prematurely! NO BLOODY WAY! I refuse to live with wrinkles and a bad back or any of those rubbish. I refuse, I absolutely deny and I shall throw a tantrum should I have to face all that anytime soon. See? I'm still a kid after all. I shouldn't be worrying about anything. Maybe I should be lying down somewhere and enjoying life. A road trip with my college mates perhaps? Hmm...doesn't sound too bad. ;)

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