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By Elie - 4:34 PM

I have a brand new header for the blog! And you will also notice that the name of the blog has been given a tweak! "Life As I See It" has been placed in a permenant retirement home and thus begins the journey of "Live Life By My Eyes". As it suggests, you will notice that every post is about me, things that happen around me...and basicly just me. As vain as that sounds, you will have to admit that without me, there will be no blog!

Now, you will notice that my URL has remained the same because...well this blog is a tribute to Uncle Swithin afterall! I write with passion driven by him and Uncle Sandy! Given, a lot of rubbish has been posted lately regarding my mood swings and what not...but you will have to play it cool for me alright? I'm a growing up adolescent who is confused and lost. (Now don't I sound like an innocent sheep?)

This adolescent however, needs to go now. I have class tomorrow. One of my worst enemies. Moral studies. Imagine that! What joy! What fun...what a chance to snooze off in class. Dear caffeine, you shall serve me well tomorrow. Good night dear readers!

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