Your tears, they don't matter

By Elie - 12:16 PM

When I looked through my timetable for the new semester, my heart kinda dropped a little. Only 2 days? So I'm free for the rest of the days? Truth be told, I'm pretty disappointed that I won't be in class that often because of various reasons untold but right now I've just got to live with it. In fact, I've started off with a little job hunt. Unfortunately I've only been limited to searching via the internet and all these openings posted on as well as star-jobs just makes me want to cry, bawl (aren't they the same?), roll on the floor, throw a tantrum, scream and just be a completely berserk person.

It's either they want a diploma (which I am working hard to get right now) or they're opening for people who can commit the WHOLE week. Come on...nothing for the ones who are left hanging on odd days and the weekends? Nothing for the ones who really need a job because the cost of living as a college student is SO FREAKING HIGH? None? I've even lost count of the moments that I'm losing hope over getting a job that would help me out on my daily expenditure. Mind you, I'm only using my money to buy FOOD but I still find myself standing around with an empty wallet. Imagine that! Yes, I've cried because I realized I'm never getting a job hence the title. But later on, I realized that crying wouldn't get me a job...probably it helped me take off this huge rock that I've always felt surpressing my chest.

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