Predictions for the 2nd semester

By Elie - 10:52 AM

Well, good news folks. I've just gotten my results back from my 1st semester's examination! Of course, it really exceeded my expectation with a C+ for my Advertising Principles when I really thought I'd settle for a C, an A for my Communication English 103 (that's a WOW considering how bad I screwed up my essay), and B+ for my Mass Communication and Presentation Skills respectively. And honestly, I thought I'd drawn the line at crying at results after my SPM thing but when I looked at my results for the first semester, I found myself crying in front of my laptop...desperately looking for something to hug. I wanted to hug SOMEONE as in a real person or something but given the circumstances, I guess that's just my wishful thinking. My stupid thoughts and I sometimes...really.

Oh and I was watching One Tree Hill (actually...still am) and I really liked the idea that Haley and Lucas had where they would write predictions of their year in school. So I figured now that I'll be entering the SECOND semester of college, I'll make a list myself. Silly but fun idea, don't you think?

  1. I will get a job...
  2. I will study harder this semester!
  3. I will get started on the novel I've got stuck in my head for months
  4. I will wear a dress to college
  5. I will learn to use the camera and do proper photography
  6. I will learn how to use the stupid Photoshop thing already
I know it's short. And I know that it looks really stupid. I know it's lame. And I know that I'll probably fail on everything except that job part. Gee, one could try. Maybe I should add "stop crying" on the list, huh?

"Truth hurts but I don't mind being hurt from it. At least you'll know what's real."

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