Why do you say what you say

By Elie - 10:21 AM

I'm feeling mischevious right now so I shall do a quick confession. I'm in class right now as I'm blogging! Wait a minute...that doesn't make me sound that naughty after all eh? At least I'm admitting my faults, no?

Anyway let's do a quick update on what's in this little brain of mine before I get my head back to class. You see...I'm in my moral class (again!) and what's happening in front of my eyes is that my lecturer is wondering why the generation right now cusses like nobody's business. I suppose no one really knows why we all do it today, right? My thought on why we all do it? Simple. We're dying to fit in. The fact is out there that there are stereotypes wherever we are and somehow the group that you pick would be the group that you stick with.

Nobody wishes to be alone. In fact, I speak for myself. I'm afraid of being alone! That feeling of being branded a loner still stings in my mind for the fear of such a label on me has taken a toll on me thus cussing would be a way where I fit in to the group that I have chosen. If there are people who wonder why in fact I pick this group? Don't I have a choice? Don't WE have a choice? Well, let me shoot the question back at you. Why do YOU do it? Because you're afraid of being someone weird? Because you're afraid of being an outcast? Or is it because you're just someone of that sort of an attitude?

So here's a quick question...why do YOU say what YOU say? Are you as afraid as I am? Or are you just someone of such nature? Allow me to end this with a effing smiley face! :)

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