6 years late

By Elie - 1:14 PM

Okay so the title doesn't really do me much a justice but the true and sad fact is that...I have just busted 10% of my internet quota BY ACCIDENT because I completely forgot to shut off my stupid torrent and it downloaded the movie that I've been wanting to watch. If you're wondering why it was even there...it's because I saved it there to download when I'm leeching off WiFi in any of those WiFi enabled places. Frugal, yes but honestly I don't have much a choice given that my internet comes with a quota of 10gb only. (And it's time again to pay my bill!)

Anyway...the movie that I have JUST managed to finish up would be:

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride! A year 2005 production voiced by Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.

Wow! Talk about being 6 years late in watching a movie as great as this! I'm telling you, only Tim Burton can take such a dark and gruesome sounding movie and turn it into something as amazing as Corpse Bride. WHAT WAS I THINKING, NOT WATCHING THIS WHEN IT FIRST CAME OUT?! Oh wait...year 2005? Okay fine, I was taking my PMR examination that year. And it was also when loads of things happened. I suppose I kinda lost myself that year. So my quick verdict on the movie...dark and creepy at times but its also quite entertaining especially when you're in search of something that is pretty sadistic. There are bittersweet moments in between the characters throughout the movie and when you notice how their relationship grows, you tend to feel sorry for them at the end. My favourite thing about the movie has got to be the music that they used. The piano scene where Victor meets Victoria is really great...and the minute long duet between Victor and Emily was TO DIE FOR. I kept hitting the repeat button on Youtube when I managed to get the snippet of it.

Anyways, I gotta run now for dinner. Oh...and there's just so many things in my mind right now; my head feels like it could burst into flames and turn into ashes. There are things that I have to own up to...but then again...till death do us part,eh?

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