When daddy notices

By Elie - 3:04 PM

Oh cool! My dad actually notices how I dress myself up! And here I thought I could walk out naked and he wouldn't see a thing. Okay...okay...my bad. So today is my cousin-in-law (if that kinda exists? As in my cousin's husband?) Gary's birthday and we're in Red Box Karaoke, The Gardens (Midvalley) right now as I type. Thus I kinda picked out something I really liked and just wore it out. Luckily for me...mum actually bought me something new 2 days ago. It's gonna be my new favourite shirt now.

And because I'm feeling grand and generous...

 Mum took this for me. I'm a poser, I admit!

Well well well...see how big a poser I am? Vain is my middle name And you see the shirt? I LOVE IT. So again, thanks mum. Although we're supposed to share it with her, I have a feeling the shirt's going to stay in my room for a really long time. It's awesome cause its light, cooling and I can do a whole lotta rubbish to it. I can leave it out, tie it up, wear it with a sleeveless top and I can even pair up a tie to it. Talk about a shirt with a thousand uses. Like it? No. Love it.

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