Homosexuality - Is it right? Or is it wrong?

By Elie - 1:26 PM

What I'm about to talk about may offend some but honestly, I'm not going to bother about how it offends others. You can't please the world anyway. Anyway my story begins with the fact that I had a class in college today (a replacement one at that...can anybody say Monday blues?) and it was the Moral class. Normally, I'd refrain from commenting too much about my classes after because I try to leave college stuff at college and just walk away from that. Uh...assignments however are a different case but never mind that right now.

So a Moral class, that doesn't sound that bad, right? True, while the lecturer may not be a boring one (thank God as compared to someone else...no names shall be mentioned) but what she said today somehow made me grow a fair bit of hatred toward her. In fact, it disgusted me how something so uncontrollable should be put out and discussed in such a light. What, you may ask, did she really say that made me revolt as such? Truth be told, I couldn't really remember everything that she said but when she touched on the issue of sexual interests, it somehow just attracted everyone's attention. No we're not talking about sex but instead we're talking about people who are homosexual or bisexual.

You see, being homosexual isn't wrong. Neither is being bisexual. You do not control who you fall in love with, do you? The adrenaline that pumps as your loved one waltzes by you? You can't tell your adrenaline to shut up in there and look away. No. That doesn't happen. My lecturer may not have directly said that it is wrong, but she had shown a face of disgust as she mentioned the marriage of Elton John to his partner David Furnish and that in a way had already stated her point of view in the existence of such relationships. Yes, religions may be a part of a reason on why not to accept the community of homosexuals but is it really such a big deal that a boy dates a boy and a girl goes out with a girl? Why is it acceptable for boys to just "hang around" with boys and girls "chill out" with girls? However, when either one gender states that they are sexually attracted to someone of the similar gender, why is it the society refuses to accept them? Why should they be branded gays and lesbians? Why are words such as "dyke" used?

The thing here is, I'm not saying that there should be a right or wrong line to being a homosexual. People should stop being close minded...and accept someone as they are. Although it may feel odd to see these people around us, but could you imagine if they were your family members? Would you actually leave them be and claim that you have no connections to them whatsoever? Or would you embrace them and wish them luck in their future relationships? Some may say that I'm stating wrong things as the country does not accept these civil marriages nor do they want to acknowledge the presence of such couples but I'm really only trying to state that we should stop being people of the future generation with a mind of the olden era. Open your eyes, people. Homosexuals are humans too! They should be given chances to prove themselves to the world that they could love just as similar as those of opposite genders.

While I am someone who is straight, (a term used for one who has interest in people of the opposite gender) I do not at ANYTIME condemn people who are homosexual. In fact, everyone should stop condemning them too! We are all humans. We are all equal. Thus we should all be treated equally, homosexual or not. Homosexuality should not be a reason to belittle a person of their status and instead be something that proves that everyone is different. Everyone is special in their own aspects, so why not let this be one of them? Why should we group those of such interests as weird or say that they are an embarrassment? You wanna know what I think? I think those who insults the homosexuals are the real embarrassments!

I do sincerely apologize in advance if I had offended anyone with this piece that I have written and I assure you that I have not intended to do so. All I wanted was to help those who are afraid to voice out their views, especially those who may feel that they are the ones being discussed. There is a chat box on your right for your short views and for those who have longer things to say, the comment button is just below here. It'll be nice to have your names this time around, okay?

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