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Alright, time for a quick update on what's been happening! So yesterday proved pretty eventful for me...where I kick started it by having lunch with Jessica and Jian Haw at Nandos, Bangsar Village. We headed to Toys R Us after lunch and wasted away nearly 40 minutes reliving our childhoods where we were joined by Weng Sum. Later on Steven came along but he and Weng Sum went for lunch themselves so it became the three stooges again. Eventually Jess left and it was just Jian Haw and I...but he left not long after too.

Oh...I went for Lena Fonseka and Darrel Massie's wedding dinner last night at The Westin Hotel,KL! Congratulations are in order for them...and my comments on the journey there? Cops make EVERYTHING worst. My father had to make this HUGE turn to Jalan Imbi because they closed up Jalan Bukit Bintang for NO reason...and by the time we came back out to Jalan Bukit Bintang via Jalan Imbi, we realized that they had opened the road back. WHAT.ON.EARTH.IS.HAPPENING?! Seriously, the only thing that they were doing was that they were creating extra traffic jams around the city center that already has enough chaos. Rubbish people.

Food...was...GREAT. It was just really brilliant. Except the cognac prawn bisque. Everything else was brilliant. My personal favourite? The chicken. And the mango pancake. I also took 3 glasses of the roselle wine they were serving but I was literally dead after the second because I was unwell so I guess I was pretty disappointed with myself for not being able to drink more. That was some decent wine there!

We got home after a nasty KL snarl that stretched from The Westin Hotel, KL over to Jalan Bukit Bintang and then another bumper to bumper crawl along the Masjid Jamek LRT station. (No idea what the road's name is called.) I ended up home only at 12.30 am. So dead tired. Hence the reason why this post is delayed.'s a compensation,alright? I wore a dress last night for the dinner and I have a photograph for your viewing pleasure!

Tipsy face. Heh. And pretty damn fat too! :(

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