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By Elie - 5:53 PM

Oh dear me...I'm abandoning my blog nowadays! I feel horrible for doing so. In fact, I've actually got this post that's been saved up for posting but I've just yet to find the time to elaborate on the things I want to say! Sheesh...working part time and being in college is really tiring.

As my friend Amber says, I may be experienced later on when I get out there into the society with working and what not but I'm seriously kicking away my holiday times of being a kid. Well, I'm not complaining too much. Mum's kinda right too. Right now, as I learn to handle all the stress piled up, I'll be fine in the future.

So I'll just leave that post to be right there...and when I find the time, I shall go on and go crazy. Anyways I'm going to tell all you women out there (albeit me being pretty late in doing this) that you are all amazing! Especially all those who are mothers? You are all the BEST damn people in the world. And you have all done a great job with your child regardless if he or she has screwed up at a point in life. Because we're all humans, and none of us are perfect. We all need second chances and mothers are NEVER running out of those. Happy Mother's Day, all of you.

Especially MY mummy! Thanks for putting up with 19 years of all my rubbish, the talking back, the naughty stares, the cheeky smiles and the crazy attitude. I piss you off, I irritate you and I'm pretty sure you want to strangle me most of the times. But you don't, all because you are a mother...MY mother and you have so much of patience in you to handle the crap I pull off. Thanks mum, for every single thing. For bringing me into the world, feeding me, teaching me my first words (which was very ironically 'mum mum' and that meant food in Cantonese when we speak to children ), guiding me to take my first step, handling all my tears every morning in kindergarten (I'd really rather not remember) and all those silly things I did...thanks for living with that. Love you, mum! :)

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