Accepting the accepted

By Elie - 6:30 AM

It really does feel as though I am abandoning my blog right now...but when the occasional brain does want to work, I shall be swinging by and swarming you with words of madness. So let's see...I'll have you know what happened to me yesterday at work. It was just Karen and I yesterday and Pui Yi took an off day because THE BOSS SAID SO and thus...we had more fun than ever. Pui Yi, do NOT kill me okay? I still love you.

But anyway let's get to the real point. You know how I always say we are all striving for a better day? Or that we are hoping for a better moment? That solitary hour that makes a difference in your life? Well it happened to me yesterday. As I was collecting the dishes, my eyes wandered around to my surroundings. And somehow a sight caught my attention. One inspiring feat and it made me smile without a cause. He was a man with a handsome feature, with his hair slickly combed to perfection and by his side stood a lady who was graceful, gentle and she looked like a person who could make it big in a successful company of some sort. Yet there she was, being by his side; helping him, caring for him and guiding him. You see, that handsome man was in fact confined to a wheelchair. With his own strength, he rode the escalator. With his own hands, he pushed himself to mobility. The smile etched on his face? It was real. You can't fake an expression like that and I would know. I'm the master of bearing masks after all. And the one on the demure lady? That was real too. The sincerity to be by his side, the acceptance for who he was, is and will amazingly exists. That's what I call real hope. That's what I call real love. That's something we all strive for, every hour of every day. Happiness. It matters. And when you see that glimmering hope? Grab hold of it, don't let it go...don't EVER let is go and just enjoy the show. Because accepting one's flaw is already a pathway to being truthfully glad. And finding the one who would embrace such an acceptance? That's what I call bliss and fate? When you find that person you want to grow old with? I call that blessing and luck. And when you're chasing after what we call "happiness"? I call that...being human. Being alive...and having feelings.

Another thing that happened yesterday is the sight of old couples. You know how you always see these old grandma(s) and grandpa(s) walking out, hand in hand? That always makes me smile. That always makes me happy. It always makes me wonder if I would one day be like that with the one I choose to love all my life? It makes me think about how I would like to grow old with a certain someone too. To think back one day about everything we've been through together...all the hardships, all the obstacles and all the challenges that come our way; it's not an easy thing. That's what true love is like. Nobody knows why we hold on even as the times are tough but it is perhaps the most beautiful thing in the world when you exchange vows and keep to your promises where only death would do you part. When that happens to you call it fate? Do you call it luck? Do you sense the tolerance and do you feel have the trust in each another? Do you seek the truth within the lies or do you feed on the lies to hide from the truth? Well...whatever it is, I'm still far off from it. So up to date, it'll just be a figure of my imagination. And to those who are already there...well I call that a blessing. Let your love not fade. Let the fire remain ignited. Let it all continue, till death do you part.

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