I know...I know...

By Elie - 5:58 PM

I know...my blog is boring...and there's been no updates...

BUT I'M SO SORRY!!! I've just been packed day to night for weeks now. It's either work or college for me. So it gets extremely tiring. Too tiring for my brain to function properly in order to work out a good post. But when I can, I shall drop by for a word or two, okay? I promise!!!

Oh but I have this much for you: my parents are cool. They accept all that is happening, they accept all that is the truth and they accept how it works. I super love them. For acknowledging what has to be. For lifting the burden off my chest. And for being so supportive over it.

I also have this for you: I realize that I'm like a cellphone nowadays. Constantly half charged and then pushed to the limits. One day, I may just burn and crash. Just like a cellphone. I need to get that OFF button on me...and then go POOF.

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