Laugh a little, live a little

By Elie - 3:46 PM

So my post in the morning may have been a little sad, some what depressive in fact but I must is how I feel every time I think of Acha. So anyway let's get you up with a little joy,shall we? Today I went to watch:

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

with Wai Kin at e@Curve and I must say that the movie was jolly well GOOD. I really could have used with all those jokes that were cracked in there. They were silly but I suppose that's a healthy dose of humor that I needed given the stuff that's been going on. Plus, who else dons a better look with eyeliner other than:

Captain Jack Sparrow a.k.a Johnny Depp?

Mmhmm...I must say...that man is drool-icious! Which century or hole have I been hiding in?! Gosh...I feel so extremely outdated! Anyway, I really must be off now to do a little brain grinding over my joint assignment with Wai Kin (who is out somewhere). But before I go...HAVE I THREATENED YOU BEFORE? :D

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