Is it what they want or is it YOUR hope?

By Elie - 5:31 PM

Wow, I'm being a little more active don't you think? I don't suppose that's a bad thing now. Well let's see what's to be ranted on today. As usual it's just work work and work on my side. But you know...interesting things actually still do happen though I'm working most of the time. And now I'm going to rant a little on parents and their expectations.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about my parents. In fact, my parents are GREAT! Unlike some other parents out there who scream for streaks of good grades and mountains of amazing extra curricular activities, my parents are the complete opposite of such demanding people. They're completely laid back and as long as we don't crash and burn, they're fine with it. They don't even care if I'm to join a club or not! I have awesome parents, I know. Don't be jealous now.

Well you know what I seriously hate? Parents who think they're giving everything great to their kids. Okay, so I suppose those extra ballet or dance classes you're sending them to are supposedly to keep them away from the computer or the television but honestly? Jam packing them from day to night? Is that going to do them more harm than good? Think of it this're a 5 year old child and would you really rather be in some weird ass class or would you rather be running around the park with other kids, screaming your heart out? Truth is, that's how it used to be for the kids back in the era. There was nothing better than to be drenched from head to toe, bathing in complete sweat and mud back when we were kids.

But taking a look at how the day is right's just a sad sad life for the children. No longer are parks filled with kids and laughter is no longer something heard from every inch of the mall. All we see are children who are to carry little backpacks of their own; often consisting of a little novel and their water bottles. Heck, some are carrying handheld gaming devices and I'm thinking "WHAT THE HECK IS THAT CHILD DOING WITH THAT THING?!" Once, I even came across a child in a pram playing with an iPhone. Please, society...WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ROBBING THESE CHILDREN OF TIMES OF BEING A COMPLETE BRAT?! What I simply don't understand is...when you send your child in for a trip to those extra lessons like karate or a dance...who's getting the credit and the pride?

Have you thought of their feelings? Have you thought of their say on this matter? Okay, I may be ranting a little off tracked right now...but brain isn't working all that well but one thing for sure is that when I have kids, they're going to be the happiest little children running around and enjoying what they have the rights to. You could pick your hobby, I really wouldn't scold you. And it doesn't matter when you flunk a subject. Learn from your failures...that's all that matters. :)

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