Growing child

By Elie - 6:56 PM

If I look out long enough, would I find that hope I seek?
(Look at my vanity level skyrocket!)

What a way to kick start my month! So the year's half gone now and I've been going through a whole lot. From the fact that I am a student all over again to the point where I've broken down at thoughts of a dying family friend over to the point where I'm learning things I never thought I'd learn in my life. Words have been uttered, feelings are poured, tears have fallen and laughter has been shared. There are things we're all still going through. There are moments we're still regretting and moments we're still getting to.

I do not promise success. I do not promise glistening gold nor do I promise a smooth sailing journey. But I promise to work hard. I promise I'd strive on and be on the top. I'm only just a growing child, struggling in this blinded society where everything just moves at the speed of light. Hold my hand and save me from drowning. Take my trust and tell me it's still okay to be a child. Tell me...tell me...

P/S: I'm feeling pretty emotional right now. Like I'm on a roller coaster ride, full of such anticipation, full of such madness. Forgive me for my words. Forgive me for my tears. Forgive me for being who I am.

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