Mati Hidup Kembali

By Elie - 10:46 AM

Wow...that's pretty diverse for a title. Well, it's actually a song's title and the song is by Butterfingers (I know...I know...) bearing the name "Mati Hidup Kembali" which means...resurrection?  Ah...such is the word full of hope and well...let's face it...impossible.

But here we are...absorbing in a little vanity all the same. And while I'm at the vanity section of loving myself more and more each day, here's a picture for all you loyal people out there.

I cut my hair again!!!

Much to the disgust of a few certain people, I did it. I went and snip away my hair again. Unfortunately, my stylist overdid it and this is the outcome. Oddly though, I don't mind. I find that I look like a character from the series I watch all the time...

Peyton Sawyer-Scott of One Tree Hill in Season 3

Right, so the shot of Peyton Sawyer is not very flattering (I mean, it's a freaking mug shot!) but hair's just a little shorter than us. I like it though. It means easy management and less heat. And where we live right now? Less heat is good. The lesser the better. I have no wise words of wisdom to speak of right I shall just leave you with that. Or this...

Before the haircut...and being cheeky. :)

P/S: All you haters out there, I don't care what you say. I'm getting more and more vain by the day so if you don't like it, the stupid X button is on the upper right hand corner of your screen should you be using Windows and if you're on a Mac, hit that little round X thingy on the upper left hand corner. Your problem should be solved immediately.

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