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Last night, I had this major discussion with my friend "Bubu" on money vs true happiness. What started out as an innocent status update based on a quote from One Tree Hill turned into a forum of what makes true happiness. Of course, the one thing that he said was money. He mentioned that his wallet was seemingly empty and it was a sad state of affair as such because he was a grown man. But I begged to differ. Does money really guarantee you happiness? Does being rich really make you someone joyful and full of flushing glory? Of course, you'd have people swarming you, telling you things you want to hear but how many of them are real? Not the things they say but the people...how many of them are people who are genuinely your friends? How many are in for the money? Do you purchase the trust or do you gain trust?

Of course, I'm not saying we don't need money but do you necessarily have to be in pursuit of gold and glory? Is it that bad to be living in a small house but close to your family? I take myself for example. No, I'm not the daughter of a rich tycoon but the love that my parents pour on me? That makes me someone who's loaded. What I regret is that I live in a double-storey link house and somehow, I'm horribly lazy to walk back down once I've gone up to my room. You see, that already leaves a huge chance for my relationship with my parents to deteriorate (not that it isn't already going down the drain) and it is awkward for me to be around them at times. I never know what to talk about, or what's right to ask because I don't know what's going on around in their world. Secondly, the love that my boy lavishes on me? I don't need money for that. We don't necessarily have to go on candlelight dinners or expensive shopping sprees to be happy. We're happy just sitting together and laughing at stupid jokes he makes. Money doesn't get me happiness. It's not a necessity, it's just an overrated piece of paper with colourful prints and a seemingly important signature.

A lot of people are going to disagree, I know...but have you been reading papers? Look at the tycoon in Hong Kong, Stanley Ho, whose family recently had a huge row all in the name of assets. Being wealthy did not buy him his health. He is still frail, fragile and weak. Feelings are hurt and bruised within that dispute of his four extended families and I could already imagine the effect of such an argument within the family to the younger generation. I can also imagine being Stanley Ho right now. Would one of his "loving" wives actually kill him for a bigger piece of wealth? Are his children as dutiful as they seem or are they only putting up a show; hoping that their names are mentioned in the final will? Is Stanley Ho really happy as he appears to be?

This is a never ending argument. We all have our views. We all have our perspectives. We all have our thoughts. Here's mine. So what's yours?

P/S: I wish to apologize should mentioning of names be regarded as offensive to some. This piece was written only to express my thoughts and say about the matter discussed. I welcome comments; snarly or complimentary and you shall not be judged in any manner as...well...it's a free country!

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